Tuition and Registration Details

2019 Tuition: $495

*Registration fee includes tax and a 2019 summer camp t-shirt 

Seattle Saxophone Institute Policies

Cancellation Policy

We at the Seattle Sax Institute understand the sometimes plans change!  Your camp fee includes a $100 non-refundable deposit.  Then, refund schedules are offered at the following rates:

  • Cancellation submitted before April 1st: $350 Refund

  • Cancellation submitted before May 1st: $250 Refund

  • Cancellation submitted before July 1st: $150 Refund

Our refund policy is a reflection of one of our guiding principles in maintaining a low student-to-teacher ratio in order to provide each student with focused, individual attention tailored to their personal experience level.  As late cancellations do not allow us to open opportunities to students on our waiting list, we are unable to provide refunds after July 1st.

Refunds will be paid through the Seattle Sax Institute PayPal account, or by check to an address you provide.

Participation and Behavior Policy

If a student engages in inappropriate or disruptive behavior during their time at the Seattle Sax Institute, they will be suspended from the remainder of that day’s activities while their parent/guardian is contacted for an immediate pickup.  After a discussion with the student’s guardians, a determination will be made if that student will be allowed to return the next day.  If it is determined that a students’ actions are a danger or hinderance to the learning environment, no refunds will be issued.  The Seattle Saxophone Institute is a drug and alcohol free setting.  We are an inclusive learning opportunity – disrespectful, insulting, or abusive language or actions toward any student will not be tolerated.  Any student acting in an inconsiderate manner will be asked to leave the camp without refund.

Respect and Collaboration

The Seattle Sax Institute welcomes a diverse range of abilities and experiences.  We ask that all students be respectful of their peers, wherever they are on their personal saxophone timeline.  The Institute seeks to foster a community of collaboration and exploration where all students work together to advance their personal and ensemble musicianship.

Damage Policy

Damage to Seattle School District property, Seattle Sax Institute materials, instruments, or participants will be billed directly to that student’s parent/guardian.

Medical Emergencies

In the event of a medical emergency, Seattle Sax Institute faculty will communicate with local emergency services in obtaining care for any student.  For non-emergency conditions, Seattle Sax Institute staff will first contact a student’s parents/guardians for care directives.  All pertinent medical conditions must be communicated to Seattle Sax Institute staff prior to the beginning of camp.  Parents/guardians will be required to fill out a medical/emergency contact and liability form prior to beginning of the camp.


What transportation options are available for my student?

Roosevelt High School and the surrounding neighborhood are serviced by the following Metro bus routes:

#48 (Greenlake/U Disctrict/Mt. Baker Station), #67 (Sandpoint), #71 (Wedgwood), #73 (Northgate), #71, 72, 73 (Downtown)

Bellevue College is serviced by the following routes:

#221 (Redmond), #226 (Eastgate/Crossroads), #245 (Kirkland/Factoria), #271 (Issaquah)

Is lunch provided for my student?

In order to keep our costs low, students will be expected to bring their own lunch with them.  We will have a limited quantity of healthy snacks (e.g. bananas, apples, fresh veggies) available during breaks, and light lunch items available in the event a student forgets their meal.  Students will have regular access to water from drinking fountains, and are encouraged to bring a refillable water bottle.